Summer is approaching and who doesn’t want to lose weight or shape their bodies before rocking the season? Most of you will ask your dietitians for diet plans to follow or will simply surf the internet for the latest nutritional hacks to get rid of unwanted kilos. Its not a secret that many will follow the easy ways by following fad diets that will only lead to a temporary weight loss resulting from muscle soreness and dehydration.

To shortcut your search direct you to the right path, I brought up the trendiest diet of 2019 to talk about their benefits and side effects. The decision to follow them or not will remain yours, so always think wisely!

Planetarium diet

If you are an environmentalist who tries his/her best to preserve the natural resources of the earth, then Planetarium diet is all yours! Well, it’s a kind of diet that contributes to food security and healthy lives by respecting the biodiversity and ecosystems of the mother nature. In other terms, this kind of diet consists of eating fewer animal products and reducing wastage by donating the leftovers or recycling them. So yes, this diet is environmentally friendly and healthy as it is based on whole products and fresh fruits and veggies. The intake of vitamins and minerals is high but unfortunately the protein intake is a little bit limited.Therefore, consulting a dietitian is always a must in order to balance your intake and count your micro and macronutrients!

Pegan Diet

If you have tried Paleo and Vegan diets, then Pegan is your next choice. It is inspired from these two diets and consists mainly on eating huge amount of fruits and vegetables that might exceed 75% of your total food intake. You are only allowed to eat a small amount of lean protein and healthy fats such as nuts and seeds. The “no-no” foods are processed sugars and grains.It’s good to mention that only grass-fed products are allowed. If you are asking yourself about the benefits of this diet?It is a major source of fiber, vitamins and minerals which make it suitable for the reduction of non-communicable diseases such as chronic heart disease, diabetes, and cancer…But we should not forget to mention that adopting this meal plan might lead to serious deficiencies as major food groups are restricted such as gluten and dairies and high-quality proteins. Therefore, higher risk of iron, calcium and biotin deficiencies are evident

Intermittent fasting

If you are wondering what is intermittent fasting about,it is all about fasting for a period of time that varies from 16 to 24 hours which might end up with depressive episodes of binge eating, especially if food super loaded with calories are included! Studies suggests that intermittent fasting might be beneficial for weight loss by enhancing noradreline, improved metabolism and digestion. It might reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar which turn to be beneficial for type 2 diabetic patients and those with insulin resistance. Hence, weight loss turned to be temporary and not long lasting. Therefore, it is always advisable to follow this kind of diet for a short period of time in order to induce insulin reduction then following it directly with a long term monitored balanced diet plan!

So, as you can all notice the purpose of 2019 diets is not only weight loss as much as sustaining the raw material of the earth. And even if weight loss will result, it will be for a temporary phase and will definitely be followed with a drastic weight gain!


Jessica Rouphael
Jessica Rouphael
Licensed Clinical Dietician LD, BSc and MSc in Clinical Nutrition from USEK, Lebanon