Programs and Packages

If I have high cholesterol and diabetes, will this diet work for me?

The Live’ly “Cure” program is a specialized program to help prevent and control chronic diseases such as diabetes and high lipid profile. In addition, All our meals and snacks are prepared without any animal fats and have very little oil; all are low in salt and only fruit natural sugar is being used.

Do I get snacks too?

Yes,all packages come with a serving or more of fresh fruits. In addition, the Full Meal Packages (breakfast, lunch and dinner) come with 2 snacks and sometimes more depending on your needs. The Morning Package comes with two snacks too, however the Evening Package & the Executive Package include the pm dessert/snack only in addition to a fruit.

What are the Live’ly® Programs that you offer?

We offer an array of programs suitable for the different needs: Balance: the weight management program , Cure, the therapeutic program, Venus- the women’s wellness program, 6 packs -the Athletic program, Hi School- the program for youngsters and teens, Boost – the metabolism boost program, Earth-the organic meal program and Délicat Cotton– the Food Intolerance program (such as gluten / lactose intolerances).

I have several food allergies; can accommodations be made?

Yes, allergies and intolerances can be accommodated, we have the ‘Délicat’ meal program that takes care of this; depending on the level of accommodation an additional charge may apply.

Food, Menus & Prices

Can I look at menus or pick my meals in advance?

Yes, we will send you your menus two weeks in advance to select your options. We create thousands of meals that are all different using your personal profile and health

What is the difference between the Standard and the Gourmet menus?

The Gourmet and a la Carte menus includes a wider variety of food and of menu choices for every meal. However, all menus offer the same quality and quantity of food.
In addition, it is recommended for those picky eaters and those with medical conditions to opt for the Gourmet  or la Carte menu.

Are the portions small? Will I get hungry?

The portions are not small and will fix you up; however if you get hungry there’s always something in the box that you can snack on and you may always inform your dietitian who will act accordingly

How much does a consultation and follow-up with the dietician cost?

If you decide to join the meal program, the consultation is  inclusive of the package deal and then your  follow-ups are FREE of CHARGE. Every follow-up will include a thorough body assessment test (using Inbody 720), your results will be explained to you during an extended meeting with the dietician where you will be given a comprehensive nutrition assessment.

What forms of payment do you accept? Will you take personal checks or cash?

We accept all major credit cards, banking cards, checks and cash. You can settle your bills online.

How will I be billed?

All our meal plans are PREPAID. You will make your first payment after meeting the dietician. However, for renewals, your payment voucher for plan renewal will be sent to you and payment should be done 3 days in advance to ensure continuation of our service. If you fail to make the payment; food delivery will STOP and will only resume 3 working days after the payment has been made.

What is the cancellation policy?

All Payments are non refundable under any circumstances, you can only transfer your balance to a friend or family member or choose food items  from our Gourmet and Dlites Menu.

Live’ly® Menus

Following any diet for a long time can become monotonous. This is why, here at Live’ly® we know the importance of variety. We change the menu every week without exception and we don’t do rotational cycles for the menu. We consistently introduce new dishes and we make it a point to select main dishes that will suit and satisfy the different tastes of UAE’s multicultural population. We create and invent new ways to add flavors to meals without reaching to the oils, fats and canned sauces. We make sure our menu satisfies everyone from vegetarian, to meat lovers, to sandwich addicts and sweet lovers.


Can I try the Live’ly® for a day?

Our minimum trial period is 2 weeks.

What are your working hours?

At Al Wasl Branch: We operate 6 days a week form 9:00 till 6:00 except for Mondays and Tuesday 9:00 am till 8:00 pm.

At Deira Branch: We operate 6 days a week from 10:00 am till 7 pm.

At Mirdiff Branch: We operate  6 days a week from 10:00am till 7:00 pm.

At Abu Dhabi: We operate 6 days a week from 10:00am till 7:00 pm.

All branches are closed on Fridays.

How can you guarantee the safety of my meals?

Your meals and desserts are prepared under strict rules of hygiene food safety standards (ISO 22000). All containers are firmly sealed and wrapped to insure quality and safety.

How will I know which meal to eat and when?

All your meals and snacks are clearly labeled and key nutrition information is mentioned as well.

Where are the ingredients purchased?

Our suppliers list includes local farmers and HACCP approved suppliers. Our meat and chicken are fresh of local origin.