Dietetic Consultations at the Live’ly® Health and nutrition Lounge

Live’ly® Health and Nutrition Lounge presents itself as a warm welcoming and friend’ly environment where you find the professional help needed to start with your weight management process.

What will attract your curiosity is a lounge ambiance far from the clinical setting yet very professional. From the moment you step in the Lounge, you will be taken care of by a  multidisciplinary team that will attend to you  throughout your weight management trip:

Your team is composed of:

  1. A clinical dietician to assess your nutritional problems, calorie needs and food preferences and consequently recommend the appropriate plan.
  2. A food production nutritionist to calculate your serving sizes, plan for your daily food schedule and monitor the hygiene of the kitchen premises.
  3. An executive chef to supervise and prepare your healthy  dishes and satisfy your personal  tastes and preferences.
  4. A packaging team to assemble your meal box and monitor its content.
  5. A delivery person to make sure your food reaches you at the right time in the right place in a perfect condition.
  6. A customer care manager to always make sure your needs and requirements are met in a timely manner at every step of the way.

Tailored Meal plan and healthy food catering at Live’ly® Healthy Cuisine

Live’ly® Healthy Cuisine is located in Al Quoz Industrial area, it’s a 2000sqm kitchen divided into specialized units for the separate preparation of Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, Fish in addition to a contemporary bakery and a state of the art cooking section. High standards of safety and hygiene are implemented  in all areas including walk in chillers, freezers and storage rooms, kitchen staff undergo regular safety and hygiene trainings.

The facility is ISO 22000 Certified and we follow strict rules and regulations to maintain high standard food production:

  • We use fresh food ingredients daily.
  • We buy and serve premium quality fruits and vegetables daily.
  • We use fresh boneless white chicken breasts, lean beef meat and fish fillets in our dishes.
  • We do not use animal fats and butter in our cooking; vegetable oils are the only kinds of fat used.
  • Our desserts are prepared with very little fat and with no cane sugar; instead we use natural fruit sugar: fructose.
  • Our food is prepared by expert chefs under the supervision of nutritionists.
  • Our chefs are Middle Eastern: fine trained in western cuisines and dedicated to healthy cooking.
  • We do not do mass food production ….Every dish is a homemade dish prepared and served with care.
  • Our kitchen facility is hygienically controlled and monitored (HACCP, ISO).
  • Our foods are stored in industrial walk-in refrigerators, freezer and store rooms with tight temperature and hygiene control.
  • The water we use in the kitchen is purified and potable.
  • Our meals are carefully placed in hygienic containers and properly labeled to guide you.
  • Our delivery vans and cars are refrigerated to ensure your food’s freshness and quality; and during delivery, each box is handled carefully with commitment to quality.

In addition to preparing meals for individuals part of a meal program, Live’ly® Healthy Cuisine is also specialized in catering healthy snacks and tidbits for Business meeting, Parties and Cocktails, Kids Parties, House gatherings and whenever you want to impress your guests/employees with out of the box , health friendly snack selection.

Health Education and Community Services

In addition to the Health and Nutrition Lounge services, Live’ly® dieticians are active in the field of health education. Since its opening, Live’ly dieticians have been involved in a large number of public health activities: workshops in hospitals, schools and business institutions as well as trainings and health exhibitions and involvement in health education in various schools and nurseries.

To inquire about Live’ly® activities and to partner with Live’ly® click here

Retail of healthy baked goods at the GOURMET & D-LITES corner

Live’ly® has a selection of Gourmet and D-Lites on display everyday in all our branches for a healthy treat on the go:

  •  The Menu comprises a wide selection of cakes, muffins, Arabic sweets, pastries (sweet and savory), puddings and chocolate, prepared in house to perfectly suit diabetics and for half the calories.
  • Our Chocolate range is high quality cocoa, neatly wrapped and sugar free – a boon for diabetics and a healthy alternative for everyone!