To many the word “Vacation” rings a bell to exploring new places, chillaxing by the pool or even trying new authentic dishes that might be loaded with calories. It is always the time to unwind, celebrate and try new things. But that can be challenging especially for those who are trying to eat healthy or lose weight.
Therefore, follow the tips and effective strategies that I have prepared for you to stay healthy and fit while traveling either for work or vacation:

First and before you leave, you have to do some useful pre-trip planning!
Decide what foods are a big “no-no” for you and what foods you’re willing to “slide” on with a “healthylicious” trick. All you have to do is to fasten your seatbelts and join me in a sneak-peak of my vacation here!

For me, the “no-no” is fried food items as they are loaded with saturated fats and unwanted calories. My “slides” are gelato or some oriental deserts and my “healthylicious” trick would be to control my calorie intake by choosing the fruity flavors, avoiding chocolate, and sharing!

You don’t have to be shy about packing a variety of food to carry on with you during your trip. At least, you will have some healthy options to rely on. Personally, I always pack some nonperishable items depending on the length of my trip like nuts and seeds or some dried fruits such as prunes. You can pack some air-popped popcorn too!

Before reaching your hotel, plan to stop at a grocery store or supermarket to shop for some healthy items. I usually pick up large bottles of water as they are cheaper than the hotel price and last longer. I may also buy some fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples or cucumbers as filling and low-calorie snacks. Do not forget to drink at least 8 cups of water per day to avoid dehydration during summer season.

Place all your “health-promoting” foods in your mini-fridge for easy access. However, if you are not willing to do grocery while on vacation or to cook your own meals, just hide the key of your little refrigerator as it is filled with all sort of sugary beverages and high-calories candies or sweets. It can be indulging and irresistible!

Whenever you are outing for food and thinking how to cut off some calories, just remember that deprivation is not the key! Hold “moderation” in one hand and “making smart choices” in the other hand while ordering. Go for Dijon mustard instead of mayonnaise, or marinara sauce instead of white sauce. Double the portion of veggies and try to avoid fatty meats or fried dishes.

Honestly, I never deprive myself from eating while on vacation and I barely put on extra kilos. The key is to be active all-day. Remember that sightseeing to explore the area requires walking all day long. Also, enjoy the hotel pool or simply go for a morning hike! What can help you most is to try reaching 10000 steps per day. So, why not counting your steps even if you are on vacation!

With all of those tips to help you stay healthy while traveling, remember not to stress about food as it can cause digestive stress and ruin your stay. No need to talk about the side effects of diarrhea or constipation! You just need to enjoy yourself and the opportunity you’ve been given to be on vacation. Have a happy and Live’ly Holiday!


Jessica Rouphael
Jessica Rouphael
Licensed Clinical Dietician LD, BSc and MSc in Clinical Nutrition from USEK, Lebanon