It is the third month of the year, gyms and weight loss clinics are getting busier and what I often hear are people’s struggles to stick to their new year’s resolution about diet, calories, exercise, and even marathon runs.

Are you one of those who had or still have a one-year gym membership which you barely use? Are you stuck in an endless loop of weight loss and regain? Trust me and focus on one activity that you are passionate about or at least you enjoy, so you maintain it all year long. That’s what I call a long term goal!

it is important to ear in mind the fact that a healthy cardiovascular system requires 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, or an equivalent combination of both per week.  Not to forget strength training exercises at least twice a week.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, read through to know some top trendy workouts in UAE to treat yourself with!

Let’s start with some low intensity workouts: the famous Yoga & Pilates
Are you in the mood for a combination of physical postures, meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques? Yoga and Pilates are the solution, they are considered low intensity and safe workouts for healthy people.

Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity and enhance strength, flexibility and balance especially when practiced under the guidance of a well-trained instructor.
With its different types, yoga helps relief aches and pains, stress, depression and certain chronic diseases like heart diseases, hypertension and osteoporosis.
Pregnant women practicing yoga may prevent the occurrence of complications later during pregnancy and labor.

Pilates strengthens and tones your body with a focus on your core. With Pilates you’ll gain flexibility, get stronger, be more sculpted and have a better posture. It is a bit more intense core workout when compared to yoga.
A research showed that a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training such as pilates can help curb arthritis symptoms, maintain balance, and keep joints flexible.
However, it is advisable to avoid lying on your back as blood flow to your baby might be affected.

Does it sound too easy? Well, an hour of yoga or pilates burns between 160 and 450 calories, depending on weight, type, intensity and how well it is performed. If you have a medical condition, do not forget to talk to your doctor prior practicing both workouts in order to avoid some poses.

Still sounds easy and you need more hardcore workouts? You’re probably looking for something like “Cross-fit or a Boot-camp”
Cross-fit is about a high intensity constantly varied movements. It’s a core strength and conditioning program which optimizes physical competence in each fitness domain: Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. There is no specific program! Each day will test a different part of your functional strength. You’ll squat, lift, jump, run, pull up, push up with repetitions, do kettle bells, medicine balls and more. If you’re truly dedicated, you’ll find yourself one day in an international competition. In just 20 min’s, around 3 exercises, you can burn up to 261 calories, depending on age, weight, heart rate, reps and exercise type.

Boot camp seems like an armed force or military training that builds strength, endurance, and agility. You will expect pullups, pushups, lunges and crunches, drills, sprints and interval trainings. Workouts can vary as it includes an intense mix of strength training and aerobics. Expect to burn between 500-600 calories!
Personally, I looked foolish in my first cross-fit class, sometimes I couldn’t complete a workout! But believe me the environment is well accepting and encouraging so you’ll feel “IN” within minutes.
Beware that hardcore workouts may cause high risk injuries. Skip it if you have a health condition such as arthritis, discal hernias, diabetes or a heart disease. Talk to your doctor, dietitian and coach before starting any hardcore workout.

You have an injury so you cannot cross-fit or booth camp, then get on your wheels,
Aqua bike is calling! Aqua biking is an underwater cycling workout. It defies gravity and reduces pressure on joints, so it helps to recover from sports injuries. And guess what? It reduces cellulite more effectively. Calories burned per session is up to 800 calories!

In the mood for some loud music? Flywheel is an indoor cycling studio which includes bars 2-4 pounds for upper body workout, it’s considered a full body workout, arms, core and legs. As the music goes higher or lower you can adjust the torch accordingly. Remember to avoid this class if you have an injury, and caution for people with heart diseases.

Still not tempted! Running tracks, public parks and outdoor activities are everywhere, just start with anything and don’t be sedentary.
Last but not least, follow your passion to find your “150 minutes per week” by combining cardio and resistance training, along with a healthy and balanced diet to get rid of those extra kilograms. Good luck and until next time.